Proud pescetarian!

Hello guys! There are a bunch of things here that I want to share with you all:

Being a dedicated environmentalist, I’m taking steps all the time to fullfill my ambitions of an environmental lifestyle. This week has been a big difference for me; I have become a pescetarian! I have been thinking about it for a long time now and finally “stepped over the river” or whatever. Meaning, I have distanced myself from a lifestyle including meat eating. Now, only a day after making it public, I’ve gotten kinda like 90% positive comments and 10% negative comments. As with all sorts of stuff, we take in the negative a hundred times harder than the positive. The world is weird and that’s how it is. So as in so many other things, we all gotta believe in ourselves and stay strong. Some people give you a hug and say “I look up to you” or “That’s super!”, and some people say a lot of fucked up shit. That’s what I’ve experienced over the past days now, and I know it will come more of for a while now. 

Living in “meatloving” Norway, becoming a veggie is not the easiest thing to do. But fortunately it is much easier that before. Conservatism in Norway has loosen its grip somehow. People here, and I admit that I did it myself a while ago, think that Norwegians can’t live a fullfilled life without eating meat. I challenge them; “Why do I know veggies who are healthier than you?” 

I find it similar to stand up with that you are homosexual. Veggies have to kinda “Get outta the closet” as well, but with completely different reactions! That’s actually discriminating. Even if it is so, I don’t use effort on caring if a few people are gonna let me down because I’m going veggie. Like, what the fuck do they know? 

I’m now a pescetarian and I’m prouder than ever! Thanks to ALL people who respect me and don’t discriminate me!

I made a meme of myself right now, and I thank my best friend Marie for the text:



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One Response to Proud pescetarian!

  1. Ani says:

    Good for you! Diet is a completely personal choice and it should be for your reasons only. I have many recipes on my blog that you might enjoy.

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