Christmas Cards

Today’s post will be a colorful and well-pictured affare! Let’s have a look at today’s Sustainable Christmas Present:

Christmas cards can be gives both together with a gift, and as they are. I think it depends on who your receiver is. I send cards to a lot of people I know, and I send cards as an addition to a gift to my near family and friends. But a christmas card, especially when homemade, is a super way to show someone that you care!

My idea is to make a bunch of cards when first starting up, and have a list on who you’ll give them to, so you know how many you’ll need. Find making-stuff everywhere in your home, and make a vary of cool designs and styles. Put them in envelopes if you want, and send them to you far-away people and your nearby people.

To make the cards most sustainable, I recommend using such as old cardboard, packaging, old newspapers, leftover paper, leftover decorations and so on.

Some inspiration:



(Pictures are randomly piced from Google. I can post my own cards later, but knitting takes time..)

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