Health and Gift at Once

Today’s Sustainable Christmas Present has workes for me every time I give it to someone. I do of course adapt the exercise giftcard to the receiver so that I am certain it will work; so then it does work.

As written in bold over, today’s Sustainable Christmas Present is exercise giftcards. These are giftcards that you make yourself, produce and decorate in any way you want. They can be completely free, or you can give activities that cost money, or both, as I personally mostly do. Which activites that are free vary with where you live, where you have memberships and so on.

An idea is to have a vary of different activites on the giftcard so that the receiver don’t get tired of E.G go for a hike ten times in only some weeks. Take E.G two times swimming, three hikes and two times playing badminton/tennis. 

This is a gift both for the relations between people, and for people’s health, both physically and psychically. Thus, a multi-gift. 

Examples on activities to put on the card:

Swimming, tennis, badminton, jogging, football, ice skating, hiking, dancing, biking, climbing, yoga and so on.



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