Today’s Gift

Here we go again with a new tip for a sustainable Christmas present. Today I’ll write about recycling systems;

Have a friend who aren’t so into recycling? Give a boost by giving your friend a recycling system suitable for your friend’s home for christmas this year! Go to E.G IKEA, Living or a supermarket to buy a suitable recycling system, or compose your own with old boxes and plastic containers. Remember to somehow check on how much space your friend has in his or her home before you buy or make the gift. It is not very motivating to begin recycling if you get too small or too big boxes to sort into.

Remeber to leave a card/note where you give all necessary information about how to recycle, why to recycle, where to give the sorted trash and so on. Also leave a comment and a smiley face for motivation! 🙂

A good example on recycling system for a home:



Leave a smiley face for motivation:



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