Sustainable Christmas Present #3

Today it’s time for another sustainable christmas present, and today’s present is:

Necessary Clothing!

You probably hated it as a kid. I did too. Socks, sweathers or pants wrapped in exitingly coloured present wrap. Our struggle to thank the grandma who had been smart and bought something necessary. Though we didn’t understand that just then. That’s when we grow older and realize; “Maybe that’s not at all stupid, because then we can spend less of our own money on clothing we need!”

So this may not be alfa omega for the 5-year old nephew, but it may be appreciated by more grown up fellows. As examples on concrete presents, I’d say:

  • Some awesome sweather
  • Cool and good quality socks
  • A pyjamas 
  • Hats, gloves, scarves etc.



Under, I have found a good choice for the kids as well, awesome pyjamases!:



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