New Sustainable Christmas Present

Today I have a new sustainable christmas present for you guys; Hiking Giftcard!

And the good about this? Well, read on:

-It’s free, or almost free (like, free of money), because it’s an adventure that you and your mate do, and it cannot be bought. It is muscle powered!

-It’s a gain for the health and well-being, being out in the nature, walking in terrain, giving space to think and more.

-It’s a present from the hearth, since it cannot be bought for money; you and your mate have to do it yourselves.

-For many people this is an original type of present and for many not so ordinary.

What I do when I make such hiking giftcards to my mates and family fellows, is that I find a suitable and fine cardboard and cut out a little card. Then, I decorate it the way I want and with what I think my mate will like, and then I write on what it is, how many hikes it provide, a greeting and who it’s from. I put it in a box/envelope or wrap it in with present paper.

There are of course many ways to do it!


While hiking, you can get awesome views of different sceneries! This photo is from one of my hikes in Rondane, wich is a mountain area in Norway.

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