Returned from Germany!

I have now spent a week discovering the beautiful city of Munich. I have taken photos, and some of them show some smart part-solutions for a more carbon neutral community. There are of course lots of things to really improve in Germany as well, such as coal power and a huge amount of cars.

A thing that i am impressed about Germany for, is that their population isn’t rising. It is quite stable, and the birth rates aren’t that high, which I’m a real supporter off. The population has an “union-shape”, which means that there are a similar number of young and old people, which is really good!

The collective transport services are awesome. I must just say. Tons of people in Munich, both citizens and tourists, use services as subways, city and regional trains, trams and buses. As well as bicycles. I discovered it to be a great infrastructure in the city of Munich and around, as well as the rest of Germany. So that just shows that if the collective services are good enough, people will use it. Under, you see an ICE-train, which means “Intercity Express Train” and travels directly from one city to another at high speed:


Solar panels are also popular, as well as wind-power, and it seems a lot of people really has found out how bad the coal power really is. I did actually read some in a German Greenpeace magazine where the real truth about coal power came into the day. A lot of new houses and buildings have got solar panels, as well as small inventions such as these under; a streetlight powered by solar power and an electric fence powered by solar power:




I also took a trip (using of course collective transport) into the Alps in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here, I went on a walk in the Alps, and got to see a lot of beautiful nature, landscape and Bavaria culture. Alp-Cows seems to live quite a good life, eating fresh alp-grass, walking around and breathe good air. Ecological agriculture (in Germany it’s called “bio”) is popular many places in Germany, and the marked for Bio-Food is big. Under, you see alp-cows in Garmisch-Partenkirchen:



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