Competition starts!

So now it’s time for the first Accom competition!

The comeptition goes on taking a photo of something you connect to the word “peace”. Because since one of Accom’s work areas is peace, we’ll do something there now 🙂

The photoes must be sent to before September 25th 2013 to be registred.

One photo per person gets registred, so take a good one! 🙂

The prize(s) you can win:

1st prize= A homemade Accom-knithat (materials 60% wool, 20% nylon and 20% acrylic. Ca.Size medium) See photo under 🙂

                  Photo and name on this blog, on Twitter, Facebook and

If there is many people participating, there might be a 2nd and 3rd prize as well so come on people! 🙂

I will collect all photos that are sent to before September 25th. I will quickly let you know if you have won, and I will ask for your adress so that I can send over the knithat. 

As you send in your photo with the words “Here is my photo of Peace” and your name, you agree to get your photo and name published at the websites mentioned in the prizes.

It is free to participate, and I pay for the sending of the hat/other prizes.



Good luck people! 🙂 The hat will keep you warm suring autumn and winter! I have a similar myself, and it has kept me warm!

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The gym, studies, travel, the mountains and all things green! Twitter: @CRgenes
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  1. wii, a competition 😀

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