Fun exercise!

Who said exercise needed to be expensive, painful and boring? Not me.

So today me and my Dad took a 45-min using badminton and football, and that was a lot of fun, I can tell! And since the weather was good, we wanted to use that, too. 🙂

We’re not badminton players, nor football players, but we do improve our skills on the sports by doing them like this, as well. E.G, we did improve our shooting skills by doing this session.

As examples on fun summer activites to stay active, I’ve listed up a few:

– Badminton/tennis

-Outdoor swimming




Of course, It vary what we see as fun, exiting etc., and I do E.G like to do strenght training in our garden, though many people I have spoken to would probably hate that.

It’s up to you to accomplish activities for a good health and have fun doing it! 🙂 Ask for activities, planning and anything about this in the comments or by mail 🙂


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