Active City Travel

There’s a lot you can do to stay active during a city travel. I’ll write about my favourites, which I always use whilst travelling;

Swimmming: Bring swimwear and go swimming somewhere local! It dosen’t even have to be in a swimming hall. The things to pack with you (swimwear, bathing cap, towel and goggles) are light to carry, and if you think smart they don’t take much space.

Jogging: Jogging can be done almost everywhere, and all you need is jogging shoes and some comfy clothes!

Hotel jam: Many hotels has got a mini-jam open for the visitors. If this is an opportunity where you’re staying, you can E.G coordinate it with jogging outside. You need comfy clothes and good shoes!

Hiking: Cities surrounded with mountains has mostly got good hiking opportunities. Search them up and get a map!

Use your creativity! 🙂 (pic taken by myself in Bergen, Norway)Image

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