Getting on with Life (and Feel-Good Tracks)

The last half year of 10th grade has passed at high speed. I don’t find that a bad thing, it’s just that now that there’s two days of school left before graduation and summer holidays, everything about starting at a new school this autumn has become so close and real. And that really motivates me! I love to give my best at the gym, but also at school. I love knowledge and science about as much as I love lifting weights.

last ned

I’m looking forward to taking the next academic step (and step of personal development, can’t forget that part!). Three years of upper secondary school really motivates me towards my future university studies, since I’ll have more interesting subjects and in general a better quality school than what I’ve had at the lower secondary. I’ve never regretted a single moment for applying (and being taken in) to a private school instead of a public one. Better teachers, less students per teacher, high grade-demands to get in, top-modern IKT system and so on. I’m really motivated to work hard and have three nice years there!

So on Monday, when I graduate from lower secondary school, I’ll be one step closer to the goal; Master of Journalism.


Since summer is the time to feel really great, here’s my top playlist at the moment. Both for the gym and when chilling (to tan, for example);

  1. The Best -Lenno
  2. Hold You Back -OMVR
  3. King -Years&Years
  4. Verge -Owl City
  5. Peanut Butter Jelly -Galantis
  6. Maps (Rhumba Whoa Remix) -Maroon 5

2015-06-17 06.47.26

(From back and biceps this week)

Enjoy your summer, and give an amazing comeback for school/work this autumn!

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Inspirational Tweets

I’m not an Instagram-person, although I’m very much a Twitter-person. I find a lot of inspiration and motivation on Twitter, and therefore I’m going to share some of the best tweets I’ve ever read with you. The following accounts are some of my absolute favorites, here with some of the best tweets I’ve ever read.

(Me on Twitter: @CRgenes )


2015-05-12 04.38.45

2015-05-03 11.37.05


2015-05-12 04.36.20


2015-05-25 08.39.19


2015-05-25 08.39.34

2015-06-04 04.58.58


2015-06-07 07.36.36

Keep calm and tweet on!

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The Gains Are On

Going to the gym and eating well without having a goal for what you want to achieve is not going to end very well. Making reachable and motivating goals is clue. My goal with doing strenght training; gaining muscle mass and strenght. In this post, I’ll provide an update on how exactly that is going, and how I’ve managed it!

2015-04-13 07.53.06

From February to the start of April, I had the same training program that I use now. So why didn’t I gain mass? I did gain strenght, yes, but the mass remained at the same. The thing was, that in the program planning, my PT, Kyle Farningham, and I concluded that I’d try out a kcal intake at 2700 a day. And you have to do it like that; try out an intake and see how it works. For me, 2700 wasn’t enough to gain mass.
What we’ve done from April and to end of May (now), is following the same strenght program, and turning up the kcal intake to 3100 a day. The results? Amazing!

2015-04-08 05.01.24

Having a PT doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard yourself. You do have to work hard, because you’re the only one who can change your own body. Though I wouldn’t have been able to work half as hard as I do without a PT. To know what to do, and then go do it. I would still have been stuck in square one of strenght training if I never had these multiple PT sessions with Kyle, and also all the tips I get excluding from the actual sessions. To learn how to do things and to become more motivated is priceless!
I’m glad that I didn’t have to try out x-number of PTs before there was one that fit. The PT-and-customer thing is important to have on place, if not, the motivational part will quickly fade. Actually being friends with your PT is something I find highly important. So well, I’m very grateful for the day last autumn when Kyle walked up to me at the gym and asked me if I’d had my 2 free new-member PT sessions yet. I hadn’t had those yet, and that day was the start of gains, to say it simple.

2015-01-05 17.19.11

So the newest InBody scan of me, taken this Wedneday, showed amazing results of the past month’s work! I’ve only been doing strenght, no cardio. I run 8-day circles with restdays between, each circle with 2X workouts of legs, back+biceps, shoulders+triceps and core. I also go on walks and do yoga. After I cut out cardio and turned the food intake up to 3100 kcal a day; gains are on!
The main differences between the new InBody and the one I took a good month ago are;

  • Muscle mass up from 25,2 kg to 26,2 kg (up 1kg pure muscle!)
  • Total body weight up from 51,5 kg to 53,7 kg
  • For this amount of muscle gains, only up 0,6kg fat in comparison (fat percentage from 11,5 to 12,1)
  • Body strenght up to muscular all over, last time upper body wasn’t there yet

go hard or go home

I’m from the natural side a person with a genrally low fat percentage and need for high kcal intake. I’ve always been like that, and I will with all certainity be like that for the rest of my life. For me, it’s much easier to loose weight than to gain. So now that the goal is gaining muscle mass, I need to watch out that my kcal intake is high enough to do so. I used to think keeping track on kcal was bullshit, but now that I’ve gotten amazing results body-wise and in the gym with doing so, I’m glad I got to it. Many people think counting calories is a thing for weight loss. For me, it’s one of the best tools I have to keep a slight kcal-excess every day to be able to build muscle mass. And a question I often get about that; “Isn’t it stress?” The answer; “Not at all. I rather spend some minutes a day keeping track than loose gains because I was too lazy to do it.”

makin gains luv

When you really want to work to achieve results from your strenght training, your nutrition has got to be in place. And that’s another thing I’d be lost on without my PT Kyle Farningham. When I keep track on my nutrition and training, and get gains that way, I’m definetely a happier person!

So keep calm and work hard to achieve your goals!

I lift, eat healthy and wholesome, and I love my life!

2015-02-02 17.07.15

2015-01-19 17.57.44

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Unwritten Gym Rules

We all have habits at the gym, both good and bad habits. To stick to those good ones, we need to get our self-dicipline right. With unwritten gym rules I mean things that we repeat until they become a habit. Telling yourself to do this and not that, and sticking to that, are important parts of building that better version of yourself. In the matter of this post; your gym-self.


  • Putting the phone into flight mode. To listen to your music without being distracted from messages and the urge to check Facebook.


  • Go hard or go home. What, again, was the point in going to the gym if you could have done the same at home?

go hard or go home

  • Breaks are crucial. The set breaks between sets are there to be held, and 1:30 is what it is. 2:00 taken instead? Well, add 0:30 to the workout’s duration.

no pain no gain

  • If the equipment you’re using next is taken, do one of your other exercises while you wait, don’t just sit around without doing stuff. It’s better to switch places on a couple of exercises than to sit down for 5 minutes and start getting cold.

simple lidting

  • You’re not at the gym to look cute while you workout. The thing is, what you work for at the gym is to be showed of later, not while you’re putting in the work to achieve it. Go beast at the gym, and look cute later!

beast mode

  • No fucks were given that day… Really, don’t care what the other people at the gym (and elsewhere too, basically) think about what you do and don’t do. As long as your technique and reasons are good, you know better yourself than anyone else what is “today’s work” and what’s not.

makin gains luv

  • Mark your territory. When you’re using (I repeat, actually using) popular equipment like a squat rack, the cables, a barbell etc. don’t let people think you’re done using it before you actually are. Don’t leave it out of sight; when you’ve first managed to get that cable, you’re gonna finish with it too!

gym is bae

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4 Weeks Left; What Happens Next

Three years at the lower secondary school (in norwegian school system, it’s grade 8-10) are over in four weeks. There has been times when I’ve thought that these years passed slowly, but when I look back now; they’ve rushed past at a steady speed. This last year in 10th grade has passed the fastest, without doubt. At June 22nd, we’re having our graduation ceremony, and then the summer holidays start. In this post, I’ll be giving my plans for the summer and autumn. The big things are decided, even when I guess you can say not everything in my life at the moment is as I’d expected a month ago (How to basic: Being a 16 year old). And I mean, that’s okey, as long I’ve got it covered what I’m generally doing next.

pic 6

Of course there’s a lot of change happening during three years where you go from 13 to 16 years old. I turned 16 a month ago, and I have to admit that I still think “wow, actually” about it. I’ve looked forward to turning 16 since I was, like, 10, but now it’s more like “okey, this is fine”. Who didn’t, as a young kid, think that when they got older, there’d be a huge overnight change on the night to their birthday? Well, that’s a childhood thought that has been proved wrong.

As I mentioned, I have the big things for the next half year covered. I’ve gotten into the upper secondary school (11th-13th grade) I want to go to, and I have a summer job. The basic things are set. The day after school ends for summer holidays, I’ll travel up to the norwegian mountains, where I’ll be working on a hut for 6 weeks. During that time, I’ll obviously do work and earn money, and I’ll also hike a lot in my spare time. Mainly ascend to new 2000m summits. I hope some of the other teens working there also like such, and that I’ll have a hiking buddy. If not, well, the mountains are there to be climbed and I’ll do it anyway. I’ve already ascended several mountains on my own. In general, I’m pretty used to doing things on my own. Not only am I a person who wants to do a lot of things on her own, but I’ve also needed to do so with my life’s circumstances so far.

pic 3

When I get home after finishing my summer job, I have a week to “get it on” before school starts. My priorities will be meeting with friends (most of us have gotten into different schools, and in general we obviously have to update each other), getting started on the autumn’s new strenght training program, and prepare myself for school. A week is just about enough time to get started with the “city life” again after 6 weeks away in the mountains. I’m happy about the job, and I’m looking forward to spend the summer on something meaningful.

pic 4

Lots of things are also happening in the following month left of 10th grade. Next weekend, my class is going on a trip to a camp, the week after we’re having a prom, we’re having the final oral exam, and me and my friends are going to a beach party right before school ends. And of course, the graduation ceremony. I’m enjoying my last month at my current school, and looking forward to my summer job and my next stop on the education ladder!

pic 2

Even when lots of things in your life are turbulent, stick to your goals and plans, and do it for you! 

pic 5

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Classic, Classic, Classic, Quote!

Classical composers didn’t just write down music, they also said a clever thing or ten. In today’s post, I’ll give the Word to some of the most inspiring classical composers of all time. Enjoy!

fine fiolin

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

– Leonard Bernstein

leonard bernstein

“Competitions are for horses, not artists.”

– Bela Bartok 


“There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become original.”

– Joseph Haydn

joseph haydn

“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts- such is the duty of the artist.”

– Robert Schumann

robert schumann

“A creative artist works on his next composition because he was not satisfied with his previous one.”

– Dmitri Shostakovich


“I’m an adventurer. I like invention, I like discovery.”

– Karlheinz Stockhausen


“Imagination creates reality.”

– Richard Wagner


(Quotes retrieved from: )

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Heaven of Health; Pancakes

When people ask me “why do you prefare to eat so healthy, I mean junk tastes real epic?”, I feel kind of sorry for them, because they’ve obviously not tasted any other “healthy” food than an occational boring salad or a plate of boiled veggies. And that’s not what healthy food is all about. Yeah, I do have a salad here and there as a side dish, but you’re not being particularly healthy (and also not happy) by eating a half-dry salad for every meal. So my answer on the question? “Because healthy food not only tastes like heaven on earth, but it also make you feel really good. I don’t feel any cravings anymore towards junk, simply because after I stopped having that crap I’ve never felt better.” So today, let’s have a look at some real, healthy, heavenly food; the protein pancakes.

  1. How do you make them?
  2. How do you vary them?
  3. What to use as sides?

How do you make them?

For 3-4 small/medium sized pancakes (aka a portion at 500-600 kcal);

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 bananas
  • Cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon preferably)
  • 2 tsp oil (for frying, I use rapeseed)

What to do:

  • Crack the eggs into a plastic bowl. Chop the bananas and put them in, too

2015-05-02 06.19.06

  • Stir a little before mixing it with a hand mixer (you can also stamp it if you don’t have an electric mixer available)

2015-05-02 06.20.13

  • Add a prefared amount of cinnamon to the mix, and hand stir

2015-05-02 06.23.31

  • Warm oil in a small pan (size of pan will decide number of pancakes)
  • After the oil is warm, I usually go down to power 6 (of 9 in total) on an induction stove (this is a testing issue, but a good rule is to use medium power)
  • Fry each pancake on both sides, adding a little oil before starting on the next pancake

2015-05-02 06.27.50

  • Serve with your choice of sides (see tips further down the post)

2015-05-02 06.45.26

Remember; it doesn’t matter if not all of the pancakes looks “perfect”. They taste perfect anyway, and you can even make this recipe fried like scrambled eggs and it will still taste the same!

The total kcal and macro nutrients of this recipe will vary according to the size of bananas and eggs. Feel free to make the recipe in a way that fits your kcal intake and macros. It can be variated in hundreds of ways. 

How can you vary them?

Okey, so there’s tons of ways to do this. When you search around the Web for egg/banana pancakes, the results will be endless. Some common variations to the dish are nevertheless;

  • Oatmeal in additon to eggs and bananas
  • Vanilla sugar/extract instead of/in addition to cinnamon
  • With protein powder
  • Cottage cheese in the dough

You can also make them fit into different types of macros, like if you’re on high carb you might make them with a banana per egg, if you’re on low carb you cut down on the bananas and put in cottage cheese instead, if the meal should contain a high kcal amount you can add in oatmeal, and so on.

2015-01-18 07.18.02

(This is from when I’ve make the pancakes with oatmeal in addition, and also made each pancake smaller but thicker, with peanut butter ontop)

What to use as sides?

What I usually do, is make them as in the recipe listed above, and then I’ll have cottage cheese and a cinnamon sparkle ontop. For one portion, typically 200g low fat cottage cheese. I also prefare coffee at the side, and usually I’ll have a cucumber or a couple of carrots as the meal’s veggies. Other things I use is to spread peanut butter on the pancakes, and if I’m on the go I have a protein shake instead of anything directly ontop of the pancakes.

I find that the best “rules” to use when choosing sides, are that;

  • Most dairy products fit (cottage cheese, yoghurt, swiss cheese, glass of milk etc.)
  • Since the dish is naturally sweet (bananas and cinnamon/vanilla), slightly salty food like nut butter fit
  • Raw veggies like cucumber, paprika and carrots fit as sides

Keep calm and eat healthy and heavenly!


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